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BusyMinds MicroSpin/Convertor Core 608-188


Buy ANY Busyminds spinner or bearing caps and you'll receive a 2nd at NO charge. 2nd spinner type will be chosen at random.

Please note: These were made a few months back and the brass has aged and patinaed a little.

BusyMinds MicroSpin/Convertor Core 608-188

These are sold in pairs. You get one of EACH! :)

1x Full SS Core, Buttons, and SS bearing

1x Brass Core, Buttons, and SS Bearing 

These can be used as a standalone spinner as well as a convertor. It allows most spinners that use a 608 bearing to use a R188 bearing. 

Cortex buttons work with this unit. 

ZF buttons need a shim to work. (.25IDx.375ODx.030thick)

They ship in small metal tins that double as carrying cases. Some cases may be dented due to international shipping.