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MagCap / Fluted Tip combo for Fellhoelter Ti-Bolt

$60.00 $85.00

MagCap/Fluted Tip combo for Fellhoelter Ti-Bolt

Designed to fit the full size Ti-Bolt however it will fit the mini but will have a tiny slop in the cartridge (wiggle at tip).

The sphere a top the cap is magnetic and is drawn to the magnet inside the cap.

It allows the user to wiggle the sphere with their thumb like a joystick.

The user can also place the sphere on the side of the cap. This allows the user to rotate the sphere around with a clicking action.

Material: 360 Brass

Finish: Machine Finish

3/8in Gold Plated Magnetic Sphere

(You will ONLY receive the pen tip and mag cap not a complete pen)